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monitor and photoshop colors for web - design

Posted on 2015-02-11
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2015-02-18
hello experts im totally lost!
right now my laptop displays colors different from the photoshop! i tried to change PC profile and photoshop color profiles! nothing helps!
is there a just a standard for web design how the monitor and photoshop should be set up with colors ?/


see attached my current settings are they correct ?
Question by:nzrubin

Assisted Solution

by:Monika Bharti
Monika Bharti earned 600 total points
ID: 40605021

I think this is the issue generated in your color profile

1.      May be it should be working with RGB and not with CYMK or any other color space.  So you can easily check, by simply go to Image>> then Mode and Check whether it’s set to RGB.
2.      If issue is due to the color profile. May be it is set to something else.  It should be using sRGB IEC61966-2.1, which is considered a standard for most PC monitors.
To check about this setting, go to the Edit and then select Color Settings option. Check in the setting whether it is set to North America General Purpose 2 or North America Web/ Internet. Then it should be fine, otherwise set to this option if it is anything else.
3.      Now to set the monitor color preview, set the setup as “proof setup”. To set this go to the View >> Select Proof Setup >> Then Monitor RGB.
Then toggle on/off the proof using shortcut, when needed for Proof Colors, from the View toolbar.

For More information on color profiles
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Expert Comment

by:Lucas Bishop
ID: 40605022
Not all monitors reproduce colors equally.

Your best bet, without buying a calibration tool (colorimeter) is to calibrate your monitor by eye, which is something each operating system allows:

In windows, open control panel and search for 'calibrate'.
In OSX, go to System Preferences > Display and click on the Color tab. Next, click the Calibrate.

This will get you as close to accurate color reproduction as you'll see with your monitor.
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Accepted Solution

David Brugge earned 900 total points
ID: 40606686
The whole monitor profile and color space thing can be quite daunting, even for experts. Add to that trying to get the same colors on your desktop printer and for a commercial print house and it can really make your head spin.

I believe both answers above will get you in the right direction, but calibrating your monitor must be done first. http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-calibrate-your-monitor/ for using your computer's built in calibrating programs.

The purpose of calibrating is to get your monitor and your computer agreeing on what colors are being shown. Your only way of judging a color is by what the monitor is showing you. If your monitor constantly shows images darker and more green than what your computer is saying, the only thing you know how to do is to overcompensate in the other direction. Then when you look at the image on a different monitor, everything is off.

Next is using the right color space. Think of color spaces as boxes of crayons. The crayon may say "sky blue," but the crayon from another manufacturer may have its own version of "sky blue" that looks quite different.

Each color space has different features which are used for different reasons. Monika Bharti points out that sRGB is the web standard and is what all major web browsers are set to by default. It works well for that purpose, but it does not do an especially good job when working with high quality photographs intended for printing.

I don't know if we have helped you or not. If not, perhaps you can be a bit more specific. When you say that your laptop displays colors different from the photoshop, do mean that images that you open in Photoshop look different than they do when viewed on your computer in your browser or other programs?

If so, open Edit > Color settings.

Unless you have changed them, the default settings are:

Working Spaces:
RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
CMYK: U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 (this refers to a setting for a web press. I has nothing to do with the internet)
Grey: Dot gain 20%
Spot: Dot gain 20%

Color Management Policies: (all set to off)

I am making the assumption that you are not preparing any files to be sent to a commercial printer and thus, you should not be working with CMYK files as all.
I also assume that you are not working with high end photographs that are destined to be printed on your own or some commercial device.
If that is the case, the only setting you need concern yourself is RGB which should then be sRGB.

Sometimes, those of us who have to work with many images for print, and for web get our profiles and color spaces mixed up. I like to set my Color Management Policies: RGB to Convert to working RGB, and check the box below that says Profile Mismatches: Ask when opening. That way, all of my files get reset to the profile that I want to work in and there are no surprises.

Hope this helps.

Author Comment

ID: 40611655
hello thanks for replies! very nice
actually i do both web and graphic design ...
so need CMYK profile too ....

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