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I m new in jasper report and eclipse.

Actually I created a receipt in jasper studio (.jrsml file) and I want to change the report properties on run time.


I want to fetch a report properties in jsp page and user can change this properties at runtime and save this report.

How to way make it using jsp?

please help me.......

Thank you
prafulla amrutkarjava developerAsked:
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Amitkumar PConnect With a Mentor Sr. ConsultantCommented:
What will happen to the components on the report if you reduce the page width or height? How does it look ?

Changing such properties at runtime is not possible. You will need to do it before filling the report, i.e. on the JasperDesign object (which would then need to compile).

I recommend to prepare few reports with different page size and then ask your user to select any of the provided reports.
Amitkumar PSr. ConsultantCommented:
What kind of properties you talking about ?
prafulla amrutkarjava developerAuthor Commented:
hi amritkumar
report properties means............
prafulla amrutkarjava developerAuthor Commented:
thanx amritkumar for suggestion
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