Avaya IP Office 500 License Unavailable Error on Digital Phone Set

Avaya IP Office System
Manager Software build 845
Same version is on my system when I connect to KSU
able to configure add essential license all seems to working fine, plug a Avaya 5410 digital phone it flashes extension number, date and time then gives license unavailable on display and nothing works
when I contacted sales rep and he said the license key given me should not be the problem
IPO R9 ESNTL ED TRIAL ADI LIC - on system it says it expires on 4/15/2015
I have hit reset and cleaned out the configuration and setup the system again from scratch and still getting same error on phone
in manager all looks good; it had the error about license when I was first configuring, but when I cut and paste the key code given it worked and error went away in the manager window, able to save configuration and reconnect to KSU without problems
All help is greatly appreciated
David ElebuteSystems ConsultantAsked:
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David ElebuteConnect With a Mentor Systems ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, but this procedure called up resetting IP phones
I have digital handsets (5410 and 1416)
I am going to try to upgrade to the latest version 9.0.5 build 972
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Look on page 29 of this for instructions on resetting the phone: http://www.nev-comm.com/documents/IP-Office-Standard-Version-Installation.pdf
David ElebuteSystems ConsultantAuthor Commented:
thank you DavisMcarn
page 29 shows expansion modules and nothing about setting phones
David ElebuteSystems ConsultantAuthor Commented:
upon further research and trial and error
was finally able to get the phones working properly
upgrade to latest version 9.0.5 on system and manager
re-installed previous license keys
after reboot all working
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