Outlook 2013 contacts no longer searchable

I recently had to delete and rebuilt the OST file in Outlook 2013 because email search was not finding the most recent messages. It now seems to be working perfectly. However although all my contacts are there (over 2,000) they are no longer searchable. When I search I don't even get a message saying "....still indexing...." Any suggestions please?
Martin CampbellAsked:
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Wilder1626Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Martin
It may be because the Indexing Options are not configured correctly, or totally completed, or that Outlook data is not included in indexing

Please have a look at this link below. Make sure to follow each steps:
Outlook search returns No matches found

Let us know if you have any questions
Martin CampbellAuthor Commented:
Hi Jean Marc,
I followed all the instructions on your link to the point where it says "If indexing does not finish, contact Microsoft Customer Support Services to request assistance with Windows Desktop Search." But now contacts search seems to be working perfectly again. Before the OST rebuild that fixed my email search but left Contacts search not working Indexing Options showed 123,450 items indexed but not complete 123,450 and Indexing Status showed 23,655 items remaining 23,655. After the rebuild it took something like 5 hours to get to Indexing Options 88,102 88,102. It then took another 48 hours to get to Indexing Option 88,318 but not complete 88,318 and Indexing Status shows "loading" Loading. At this rate it would take about a year to get to 123,450 and even that wasn't complete. Have you any more suggestions or should I just contact Microsoft Customer Support Services?  No matter how long I leave it running the Indexing Status shows "loading". I've even tried leaving it running for about 6 hours but nothing changes.
Thanks for your feedback.

At this point, i would suggest to call Microsoft customer support service. They will be able to look at it with you remotely.
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Martin CampbellAuthor Commented:
Hi Jean-Marc
I spoke to Microsoft. To summarise: before I spoke to them we had fixed the email search under my previous question. The link you sent me above succeeded in getting Contact search working again so 500 points to you. Thank you very much. My last concern was that indexing was so slow. Microsoft said it will eventually finish indexing but is slow because of activity during the day. I'll leave it on all night for a few days and see how far I get. It still has a long way to go though!
Thanks again for the feedback.

Let me know what will be the final result. :)
Martin CampbellAuthor Commented:
88,444 on 19/02/15 at 16:44
OFF all night
88,486 on 20/02/15 at 21:09
ON all night
88,489 on 21/02/15 at 10:58
So no benefit leaving on all night. But I take Microsoft's point that all search functionality seems to be fine now. And before the problem I was not aware that it was at "123,450 items indexed. Indexing in progress. Search results might not be complete at this time"
So maybe indexing has never reached completion.
Martin CampbellAuthor Commented:
I left it on all night again. The last figure I saw yesterday was 88,507. When I turned on again this morning I saw the same figure 88,507! Si I restarted the Surface Pro 2 and now the figure is LOWER at 88,462. Weird. I think I'll give it a week of normal use and turning off at night and see where I am.
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