Does SSRS 2012 require the IIS role installed?

I am running SSRS (SQL Server 2012 Standard) on a MS Windows Server 2012.  I noticed the IIS role was installed on the box and removed it as this machine does not host any sites.  However doing this seemed to have disabled accessibility to SSRS.  I had thought that SQL 2012 no longer required IIS installed.  Do I need it after all?
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LIONKINGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lee SavidgeCommented:
SSRS serves reports up via the web so I'd imagine it needs it.
Lee SavidgeCommented:
A fair enough. I must admit I've only ever installed it in integrated mode. Which suggests that the OP's install is integrated ratehr than native.
canuckconsultingAuthor Commented:
Thanks you and apologies for the late reply.
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