AD LDS cannot connect to LDAP port Server 2012

I have a server with Server 2012 R2 Standard installed. I am trying to install Exchange 2013 on it and have done all the prerequisites. I started the Exchange 2013 install and it gave an error on step one. I looked at my server manager and all roles were showing up in red. Since I did the prerequisites for Exchange 2013 all my roles are showing red. I found that the AD LDS was installed when I did all the prerequisites, but was not configured. I am now trying to configure the AD LDS using the wizard and am stuck at the LDAP port because no matter what port I try to use it tells me it cannot connect to the port. I am not using LDAP port 389 or SSL port 636 as those are being used by my domain controller. The steps that I have done so far on the AD LDS wizard are:
Select the type of instance you want to install - I picked "A replica of an existing instance" is that correct????
Instance Name - Instance1
Description - AD LDS Instance
LDAP Port number - 50000
SSL Port number - 50001
Server - name of my server
LDAP Port - 50000 --> when I click on next at this point it tells me that it cannot connect to the server or port. I am 100% sure the server name is correct so it has to be the port that is giving the error. That is the port that the wizard handed out by default on the previous screen so I just stayed with it. I did a netstat and it is not showing that this port is in use. I have tried several different ports on this screen and nothing will connect. I have my firewall completely turned off. What am I doing wrong??? What port should I be using??? I have listed all the roles that are installed on the server below and they all show up in red and show a 1 by Manageability. Hopefully once I get through this AD LDS wizard all roles will be green again and I can successfully install Exchange. Server 2012 and Exchange 2013 are all new to me so please be very specific when giving instructions or advice. Thanks in advance!!

Roles installed:
App Server
File and Storage Services
Local Server
All Servers
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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
Download exchange 2013 setup file again and run it. Seems your current setup file have some missing dll's
Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
I found that the AD LDS was installed when I did all the prerequisites
Why are you trying to install/configure LDS on your Exchange Server? LDS is not a requirement.

You need to run the setup.exe with an account that has privileges  to Schema admins and Enterprise admins to prepare the Active Directory Domain. If you already have an Exchange 2013 server in your environment you will need a minimum of Exchange Organizational Management role to add additional Exchange Servers.

Also what is the error message that you got initially?

AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You are using right ports. I would say, restart your server one time and try to configure. However, for which application you need ADLDS?
LANengineerAuthor Commented:
On Microsoft's tech website it showed that AD LDS had to be installed as a prerequisite. I uninstalled AD LDS since I do not need it, but now I am having another issue with installing Exchange 2013. I have attached a notepad file with the error. I can't even get past step 1!?!?!?!? Help!!
LANengineerAuthor Commented:
I uninstalled the AD LDS since it wasn't needed and that took care of having to worry about the LDAP port.
I also downloaded and new copy of Exchange and burned it to a CD and that took care of the install problem.
Thank you both for your help!!
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