Looking for type adapter to convert regular AC plugs into "IEC-320 C13" for cisco switches

I am looking for a cable or and adapter that can  I can use to plug in my cisco switches , they have a normal plug like you would find in your home now , but I have moved to a new location and they have only  "IEC-320 C13" type sockets , where can I find this converter ?I need to plug my cisco switches into this kind of plug and have only cords with "regular" household type plug
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They're mostly used in UPS situations (UPS to server).
Just use your favorite electronics store (like Amazon), and input C13 C14 cable, the results will be what you need.
If you ever bought a APC/Schneider UPS system, you probably have these cables already on your shelf (but hidden in a box somewhere).
NAMEWITHELD12Author Commented:
thanks and sorry for the delay
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