I have a BIG IP F5 load balancer load balancing 2 Web servers.
I want to set the monitoring parameter to check the health check of both the Web servers.
In case if any one of the Web server is down the BIG IP will alert via mail.
I would like to understand what is the standard & best practice to set the •      interval-in-seconds  & time out in interval.
what is the recommened values suggested for this .
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Stephen BerkConnect With a Mentor Senior Network EngineerCommented:
I start with the default and only adjust it if the application being load balanced warrants it. For a standard website where the connections are transient, the defaults are appropriate. If you max out the resources of your web servers, or if you perform a complex health check (more than ICMP or TCP half opens),  you may want to increase the timers.
Stephen BerkSenior Network EngineerCommented:
The timeout needs to be 3x the interval plus 1 second, and the defaults are 5 and 16 seconds, respectively. If you shorten those numbers and you have a high latency network, you might see the health monitor churn the pool members in and out of available status. I wouldn't shorten those timers for standard web traffic, especially if your health check is ICMP or a TCP half-open check.
SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
So you want to keep it the default or is there any recommended timer i need to configure it.
What is the standard practice Administrators follow.
SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
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