Mounting efi volumes via usb bridge

Hello. Have a Windows 8.1 computer that won't boot. All attempts to getting it to run have failed. ChKDSK shows a bunch of bad sectors. So we pulled the drive in an attempt to salvage his files. Plugged it into a second Windows 8.1 device via an USB bridge and we can see the drive in disk management and have been able to mount the drive via mountvol but can't access the drive. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Test the disk using the manufacturer's diagnostic tool. If it fails replace the disk with a new one. While some of those tools work via USB, it is better to connect it as a 2nd disk internally to a PC.
uncletimmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Rindi!
We really don't care about the disk. It may be OK, but right now what we'd like to do is pull off any of his information that is still on the disk. And then we'll do the check on the disk.
What for? That's what your backups are there for!
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uncletimmerAuthor Commented:
Ahhh, he never backed up his information to the network. My guess is he'll do that from now on.
If the data is important, send the disk to a professional recovery agency. Anything you try yourself is likely to make things worse.

If it isn't that important, still diagnose the disk using the manufacturer's diagnostics first. Sometimes it can repair some bad sectors, and after that a chkdsk might be able to repair the file-system enough so you can read it normally. But still attach it internally to a PC.

If that doesn't help, scan the disk using getdataback, and if it sees your files, register the tool so you can copy the data off:

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i would connect the disk to a sata cable - not over the usb (it does not handle errors very well)
for the rest - use rindi's guidance - very good
uncletimmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks! This has been the first EUFI drive I've had to pull from a computer. Thought it required some additional tweaking to mount onto my Windows 7 computer to view files. Borrowed another computer (Windows 8.1), pulled that hard drive, and yes, there was the data. The drive in question is toast. Thanks all, for your comments
it looks like i gave a good advice then?
so don' tforget to close this properly !
i thought i suggested to take the drive out, and connect it to sata?  or am i wrong here?
That's what I had suggested in my first comment.
sorry rindi - i overlooked the last part of that post
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