Connecting ISP Bridge to CPE Router

Hello. I have an Ethernet over Copper circuit that terminates into an Adtran 838 Bridge. I have to use a Cisco router to connect the circuit into my firewall. My router (Cisco 1841) has two (2) FastEthernet (FE 0/0 & FE 0/1) Interfaces. FE 0/0 is programmed and connected to the CPE WAN IP of the Adtran Bridge. The other Interface (FE 0/1) is programmed to the gateway LAN subnet provided by the ISP, and connected to my firewall. My firewall is a Dell SonicWall NSA3500.

 I am unable to ping the gateway of the LAN subnet provided by the ISP from behind the firewall. I can ping the IP addresses of both FastEthernet interfaces from the router console. From the router console I cannot ping anything on The Internet.

I am not a Cisco expert, but, I would imagine I need the following to happen:

1.  I need the ability to ping the ISP LAN Subnet Gateway IP Address from behind my firewall.
2.  I need the ability to ping anything pingable on The Internet from the router console.

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.
QuinnCushingChief Information OfficerAsked:
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QuinnCushingChief Information OfficerAuthor Commented:
I could ping from the router to the ISP gateway. I was unable to ping the ISP gateway from the LAN.
I made a change on the firewall, to allow ICMP packets to pass from the LAN to the WAN via NAT translation.
All is working as expected now.
Can you ping ISP gateway from router? And a machine on the LAN?
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