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I have a client using GoDaddy's VPS managed web hosting.  This is a brand new plan that was setup and isn't even hosting the site yet.  Problem I am having is that I can't access the cPanel from some devices and other devices I can.  I usually get a timeout in the browser (tried several browsers).  I have tried from various ISPs and I get the same results each time.  I am however able to access it from other ISPs.  Not sure what is going on.  I can't figure out if GoDaddy's server is not properly completing a 3 way handshake with some ISPs or if the ISP is causing the issue.  I have tried without firewalls with same issue.  Has anyone heard of this issue or know how to address it?  Quite aggravating!  Thanks
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bigeven2002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I concur on the the server being blocked.  Also, when I set up my hosting with GoDaddy a while back, I had a 2 hour phone call with them because I could not connect to my web server via SSH or FTP.  In midst of that call, we found that my public IP was actually blocked by them so they had to manually remove it.

So with that said, going back to your problem ISPs, find your public IP address.  You can use to find it quickly.  Collect this information for all the ISPs that cannot connect to cPanel.

Then call GoDaddy support, give them those IP addresses and ask that their network team check to see if those IPs are blocked.
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Or there is a routing problem between you isp and godaddy.

Godady doesnt have the best reputation and might be blocked here or there.
In addition to what andreas said about routing, it could also be a DNS issue.

I'm assuming that for each ISP you try, you are using their provided DNS servers.  If you manually change the DNS servers to the ones provided by Google or OpenDNS, do you still get the same result on the problem ISPs?

Google's DNS is: and
OpenDNS is: and
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cbsykesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies!  My DNS is set to Google's already at the office and OpenDNS at home.  Just tried as well with no luck.  I performed a tracert to the IP of the web server at GoDaddy and I get one timeout along the way.  This of course was GoDaddy's reason for not  being able to connect.  However, I get this timeout when I tracert other websites and I have no problem with any other websites.  Just this GoDaddy server...
andreasConnect With a Mentor System AdminCommented:
Sounds really like a bloxk of that ip somewhere on the path beteween you and the server.

Maybe just the ip of your server is blacklisted. Maybe the previous owner of that ip was running some dodgy stuff, was kicked by godaddy but the ip is still blocked.

You may ask godady if they can assign another ip to your server. Maybe it will resolve the issue.
cbsykesAuthor Commented:
Chatted with GoDaddy 2 hrs this am.  Ended up cancelling the server plan that I had and re-created a new one with a different IP address hoping that would help...same problem!  Funny thing get two extra IPs in addition to the primary one.  When I setup the two extra IPs in the cPanel I could connect to them no problem (they also were on a diff IP block).  Only the primary IP was giving me the headache.  Only thing I can thing of is that block of IPs (started with 104) was blacklisted or something.  They never mentioned adding my public IP to the allow list however.  I have tried from 3-4 different IPs with the same issue so that would be a lot of IPs to get allowed plus more after that I'm sure.  I ended up cancelling the server plan and I will figure something else out.  I still have a legacy VPS plan with GoDaddy that works fine.  Oh well............
Ok thanks for the update.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
cbsykesAuthor Commented:
All responses are appreciated and you guys are on the right track for sure....
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