How do you activate other ports on M620 Blade Server on VRTX

Hello The defautl network ports of my VRTX are not working
I'm trying to activate the other ports unsuccessfully
gazambeyIT CONSULTANTAsked:
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You buy mezzanine NIC cards for them, there's a list of them at

The mezzanine slots are at the back, there's a Broadcom NIC in Mezz1 slot in this image.
More pics at including one internal with mezzanine slots labeled.
Oops, that was a M610, same applies to the M620 though, you need mezzanines in the blades plus extra switches in the back to use more than the two onboard NIC ports.
gazambeyIT CONSULTANTAuthor Commented:
Ok Thx for your reply

I have one server which is not able to take ip from DHCP still taking 169..... . Normally The 2embedded cards are enough do you know what could be the cause?

Maybe you've run out of addresses or it isn't connected properly. Set a static IP address and then try pinging it from another blade.
gazambeyIT CONSULTANTAuthor Commented:
I contacted the dell support apparently my siwtch is faulty
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