Manage multiple projects with an overview of all

I am needing to track many simultaneous projects so the little task and details do not slip through the cracks. What is the best way to set this up (on MS Project or other application) so that I can track the details per project but see a summary of all task that I am working on (for example to see what I have to completed this week)?

If MS Project is not the right tool what would be? I am looking at as one alternative.

I basically have some hard dates with X number of task that must be completed before a given date.

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Jessica RigaConnect With a Mentor ProducerCommented:
I think Hansoft might be your best bet because you can import to and from MS Project via XML, so the plans that your PM does there can easily be transferred over. It's flexible and provides a simple global view of projects and milestones with capability to drilldown into steps/tasks.  Additionally there is a "to-do" list  view that displays a summary of all tasks, items and bugs that have been assigned to the currently logged-in user. You haven't mentioned how may licenses your after or budget but Hansoft is free for up to 9 users.
Jeffrey DakeConnect With a Mentor Senior Director of TechnologyCommented:
We have used jira as our task management software and it does a pretty good job at integrating project management tools along with project management tools. Might be a tool worth looking into to see if you think that is good for you. I really like that it doesn't seperate the task management from the project management. No double work.
ckelsoeAuthor Commented:
jira really does not fit what I need. Thanks for the input though.
Jessica RigaConnect With a Mentor ProducerCommented:
Hi Ckelsoe,

There are many options that fit the needs you've described so any additional detail you can provide would help me provide the best recomendation. I am happy to give some advice on how to set up your tracking, but specifics are dependent on the tool you choose.

What do you like and dislike about SmartSheet? What needs are not met by JIRA? Are your projects Waterfall? Do you need to track dependencies?

Take a look at Hansoft and Asana. MS Project was the industry standard for a longtime. However most have abandoned it in favor of more flexible tools, as development efforts have moved to XP, Scrum, Kanban, etc.
ckelsoeAuthor Commented:
Hi Jessica,

I am part of a team that is implementing software. In the full project plan I have responsibility for maybe 5 events. Those project plans are created in MS project which only the PM has access to (go figure).

I am looking for something that is a combination of a project manager with my milestones and a checklist to check off the 150+ steps I have to take to prepare for that milestone to be met.

Right now I am just managing this via Excel. One sheet has all of my projects with the start / end date for the various events for each project. I can filter, etc.  I then create a new sheet per project and copy over the list of task I need to complete and track that I completed.

While this is not elegant it does function.
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