Virtualized SBS2008 Time 7 hours off after reboots

Just did  a P2V conversion of an SBS2008 server onto a WMware ESXi host. Each time I reboot the new SBS2008 VM, the clock is off by 7 hours (eg: if the real time is 10am, the SBS2008 time shows as 3AM). I have verified the time zone in the Date and Time API on the SBS2008 VM. The ESXi host is a brand new Dell PowerEdge server and I have verified the date and time in the BIOS are correct. I am at a loss on this...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Nick RhodeConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
What is the time set to on the VMware Server?

Open up vsphere or connect to the host and go to configuration > Time Configuration
Chach DalSantoSolutions & Systems ArchitectCommented:
Have you installed the VMware Tools in the virtual machine yet?  There is time sync functionality in there.  It may help, or it could be causing the problem.  Try toggling it on/off and see if the results are more favorable.

Also, when you reboot, are the time zone settings being changed?  

YortAuthor Commented:
@Nick_Rhode - that was it. Thanks a million!
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YortAuthor Commented:
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Your welcome.

I think you accepted your own post as the answer
YortAuthor Commented:
Trying this again.
Chach DalSantoSolutions & Systems ArchitectCommented:
Give @Nick_Rhode some points... I wouldnt mind a few myself for trying, but definitely @Nick_Rhodes
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