Easier way to configure expansion modules or "sidecars" on Cisco 9951/9971 Phones

Does anyone have any advice for me on a better/more efficient way to configure the extension sidecars on the 9951 and 9971 Cisco phones?

I realize the most preferred way to handle this would be for the receptionists to have a soft console of some kind, but unfortunately I have a client that does not want to invest the money in the licensing.

Right now, in order to configure the sidecars to keep the names in alphabetical order it is extremely cumbersome because the interface in CUCM for configuring them is terrible.
Rob SandersAsked:
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José MéndezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh ok, no way to accomplish that you got it right!!

The web configuration interface is definitely not meant to accomplish such organization of contacts. I do think is would be very useful for an operator. But it is really not going to be an easy task to maintain.
José MéndezCommented:
I think you may want to go under the Device menu > Device Settings > Phone Button Template, create a new template with as many buttons as you need, and then assign that template to the phones so you don't have to mess with the button layout individually.
Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
         Thanks for the fast response. We are definitely making extensive use of phone button templates for various functions. The issue is when a name needs to be added or removed from an existing expansion module there is not a graceful way to maintain an alphabetical order of the extensions.
           There is no manner that I am aware of to leverage the phone button template functionality to accomplish the task of maintaining alphabetical order of the user extensions.
Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
request for attention has been made
Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
I suppose there aren't any viable alternatives to what I am already doing right now as this question has been open for a decent chunk of time. I will have to accept willywillburwonka's answer.
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