What options are there for an Android app for posting photos to Facebook?

I'm keen to use my Android phone to post photos to Facebook, but don't really want to do anything else in Facebook, so perhaps don't need the Facebook app itself. Is there another Android app I can use to post to Facebook?

If there are other options, ideally I would want to provide the minimum level of access to any app I install; I don't want my personal data harvested to unscrupulous individuals as many flashlight apps may or may not be doing.

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Terry WoodsIT GuruAsked:
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Leslie BloomConnect With a Mentor Corporate & Product Marketing ManagerCommented:
FXCamera is a free Android app that does just that - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ymst.android.fxcamera&hl=en

The app permissions look ok for a camera (aka - they don't scour all of your information like Instagram).
Adelaido JimenezConnect With a Mentor DevOpsCommented:
You can use instagram. Good app if you just want to post pictures.
Terry WoodsIT GuruAuthor Commented:
In 2012 Instagram, if I understand correctly, changed it's T&C's to allow them to sell on your photos, but I think public pressure caused them to reverse that decision...  I'll check it out again.

In the meantime, this happened:
1. I installed the Facebook Android app
2. A few hours later my battery was nearly flat, despite being recently charged
3. I then remembered that I had previously installed the Facebook app (late last year), and then after several days of very poor battery life tried uninstalling the app at which point the problem went away.
4. I have uninstalled the Facebook app again... hopefully I'll remember not to install it again!
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Xi MingConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can use these two apps:

Tasker and IFTTT. Both are automation apps that can do loads of other things like post onto Flickr and upload your photos on dropbox and google drive too.
Terry WoodsIT GuruAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I haven't managed to find time to evaluate the suggestions, so rather than allowing this to gather dust I'll accept all given answers.
Xi MingCommented:
Thanks a lot! All the best and let us know if they work for you
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