Cisco Switch 3560G -- trunking ?

Please review since I don't know how to transfer topics after posting this.
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Daniel SheppardNetwork Administrator/Engineer/ArchitectCommented:
I took a look at your other thread.

Is your voip and data network on the same network?  (No VLANs), if so, you shouldn't need trunking.

If you have a separate voip and data vlan, what you will want is:

interface Gi<port>
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan <datavlan>
switchport trunk allowed vlan <voicevlan>,<datavlan>
finance_teacherAuthor Commented:
Everything is on the same network, no VLANs

Any other ideas ?
Daniel SheppardNetwork Administrator/Engineer/ArchitectCommented:
Any Mac address restrictions or single Mac per port?

Other then that, you really shouldn't need to do anything.
Craig BeckCommented:
Can you post the switchport config?
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