IE freezes randomly using jquery themes

I have been having a seemingly random issue where a .net web application randomly freezes for users. When this happens the user is forced to kill IE for being not respinsive.

All machines are windows 7 and this has been happening over various versions of IE 10 and 11. We use jquery themeroller in the app to allow users to customize appearance and this always happens with the eggplant theme. Possibly because over the years we have not upgraded it properly. With other themes it may happen for one user and of they go back in its fine. The server runs multiple other high usage web applications with no i believe it to be specific to some javascript condition in relatin to a selected theme although again this is not 100% reproducible except for eggplant theme.

When the user encounters and error the script is doing a few things
1. Creating a jquery modal window
2. Creating 3 tabs to navigate between data and ...
3. Creating an iframe within one of the tabs to load a page

I cannot paste the code but i know it is working except for these random freezing conditions. I didnt notice in the folder that we store themes, specifically for the eggplant theme there is an older jquery ui file for 1.7.2 i believe and thats it. All other themese have versions 1.7 2 as well as 1.10.2 but i still cant explain why this would freeze an IE window. Any ideas why themes may be freezing the window or possibly if its related to the dialog or iframe creation?
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OriNetworksConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The cause was due to a window resize event triggering multiple times in a looping fashion. A possible incompatibility or an older jqueryui with a newer jquery core caused the problem 100% of the time although I could not pinpoint where in the jquery code this was occurring. Upgrading all themes to a more recent jqueryui and removing the possibility of nested window resize events has resolved the problem.
If the theme is not up to date, then expecting it to work with the latest browser may not be a reasonable expectation.  I would suggest you install the latest version.  If that does not fix it, then you need to as for support from where ever you obtained it.  If there is no support then you would be best to look for an alternate theme, because trying to debug this kind of third party no support stuff, is an exercise in frustration.

Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
Please post the following information:
1. Server OS and .NET  version (hopefully latest 4.5.1)
2. IE exact version number (Screenshot of about dialog)
3. When did you do this test?

Note: There has been windows updates that fixes some issues in the server and IE 10/11 that fixes some major issues over December 2014 and February 2015.
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OriNetworksAuthor Commented:
Server is windows 2008 r2 .net 3.5
IE version: 11.0.9600.17633
update versions: 11.0.16 (kb3021952)

All updates for Server and client are up to date. This has been a problem for a year now across different patches.

@COBOL i understand an update may be required but im not sure what the best method is. Different versions run different versions of jquery all pointing back to the same themeroller site. I assume that is how different jquery-ui versions got placed into each theme folder. Do i need to find the correct jquery-ui file for the theme for each version of jquery-ui being used and put them all in the theme folder?
Rainer JeschorCommented:
I ran into kind of this issue IE stalled / consuming 100% of one CPU core the last couple of months.
It was related to a jQuery / Javascript resizing an embedded iframe when the browser window ran in full mode AND the screen resolution has been Full HD (1920x1080).
Have not yet been able to really identify the issue nor fixing it.
Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
The reason I asked about the versions is that one of my colleagues could not run some of our site features until the following patch was installed in the IE 11 computer:

if further help needed:
Q1. Are you running your target site in standard mode or compatible mode? (Please add a copy of your DEV tools showing the contents of emulation tab especially document mode and user agent)
Q2. Did you clear all temporary IE files before testing?
Q2. Could you consider @coboldinosaur suggestion to have  only one version of jquery ui across the site.
Your plan should be:
1. Remove 1.7 2 and upgrade any code that uses this old version to 1.10.2.
2. Test if it works.
3.  If it does not, then get the latest  jquery ui and test again.
OriNetworksAuthor Commented:
Rainer, thanks for confirming im not the only one. The IE process does seem to take up around 25% cpu. I'm not sure what resize operations may take place within jquery during the combination of creating the modal+iframe but i can imagine it is all related. I would just expect it to be 100% reproducible. I have even tried windbg to try analyzing a memory dump but I don't know how I would backtrack to see what javascript was running at the time.

-All internal sites run in IE7 compatiility mode, I can get exact details tomorrow.
-Clearing temporary files has been done routinely but there is no pattern as to when this happens.
-As for having 1 jqueryUI version I cannot do this because other internal applications each use different versions. If I upgrade a version on one I have to test the entire application to make sure it didnt break. It is not possible to use only 1 jquery version across everything at this time.

-Each site references its own local jquery and jqueryUI files.
-Our jqueryUI themeroller css and scripts are published from a dedicated IIS site and a references is added to each web applications so users see all available themes from this central location.
-As I was explaining, each theme folder contains its own jqueryui1.7 and 1.10 jquery-UI files which confuses me. Are these multiple file versions required to be in the theme in order to support the different jquery versions being used? I was under the impression that since each application has its own local jquery and jqueryUI file, then the styling of themeroller should be independent of what version of jquery is being used but it appears I may be wrong. I'm not sure of the correct way to support themes for multiple versions of the jqueryUI themeroller plugin.
OriNetworksAuthor Commented:
the issue was identified and has not recurred.
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