Zyxel USG 60 DNS loopback


I am having issues with external DNS pointing back to the Firewall not getting trough.
Need help setting up a rule.

Example :

Theres a CRM program that uses port 81 witch works on all mobile phones outside the company. But loggedon to the wireless internaly it wont connect.    pocket.mydnsexample.com:81

Now i can Fix this by adding a a DNS zone on the domain controller like mydnsexample.com. So every thing i have pointing outside inn will just point on the innside of the firewall.

Problem is with Server 2012 R2 i need to define every ip adress on the outside as well, so www.mydnsexample.com points to noting from the innside the firewall.
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bmhoffConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I figured it out, so just adding it for other here.

There is a feature in Zyxel that NAT setup thats called NAT loopback. Just remeber to add Host destination.
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