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Network switch recommendation, Dell N2000? HP 2920?

I am replacing the network switches in the small company. There are about 60 computers (servers and PCs combined) plus 10ish networked printers/other devices.

I am looking for units with hot swappable redundant power, basic VLAN, and stacking. POE is not needed.

I don't really need a layer 3 switch beyond basic VLAN function. There isn't VLAN setup now but it may be necessary to separate some computers with sensitive data by VLAN at a later time.

I did my homework and it seems 2 units of Dell N2048 or HP 2920-48G fit the bill. Will all necessary stacking modules/cables, redundant powers etc included the Dell comes to $6000 and HP is close to $8000.

Any comments on those units? or other suggestions?

2 Solutions
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
The Dell N2048 is good for what you want to do.
I have used both Dell and HP switches of various revisions and both are fine.  Your requirements are pretty meager so I would just go with the cheaper option.
shutterhackerAuthor Commented:
Yes it is quite simple. What I want is close to zero downtime so hot pluggable redundant power is a must. In the past I have found the power unit is single most prone to fail component in a switch.

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