MSEXchange 2007 limit Users or Group for how many messages can be sent per hour or per day

i have MSEXchange 2007

i wnat to limit users sending mail per hour or per day

how to do it

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HariomExchange ExpertsCommented:
Yes, We can limit the number of messages a user sends, using the RecipientRateLimit and MessageRateLimit parameters in a Throttling Policy. These policies apply to both internal and Internet email.

To create a new policy where the users can send to 30 recipients a day and no more than 1 message per minute, you would use this command:
New-ThrottlingPolicy -Name LimitMessagesSent -RecipientRateLimit 30 -MessageRateLimit 1

To assign it to a user, use this command:
Set-Mailbox -Identity user_alias -ThrottlingPolicy LimitMessagesSent

Understanding Message Throttling

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