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How to block Bulk users using GPO

Hello Expert,

In our college we have a active Alumni community, All of their AD username and passwords is active. recently management told me to block all the Alumin users access to college computers, which means when they are on campus they should not able to login to any of the computers in the campus but they are only allowed to use online portals which are integrated to Active Directory. All of this Alumni users are kept under a OU called "Alumin 2006-2013" which is around 3000 users and all of the computers in our campus are under a OU called "College Computers".
Please help me with a best solution to block these Alumni users, i think GPO based solution will be best don't know which is possible or not, i need experts solution on this case.  

We are using only one Domain Controller which is running on windows 2008 x86 SP1.

Thank you for the excellent support we are getting from all the "Experts" from Expert-Exchange.

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To do what you are trying to do:

Create new security group and add all your required users into that group

Add all of your client computers to one OU and link new GPO to this OU
Create and apply new GPO at domain level

In GPO navigate to "computer configuration\windows settings\security settings\local policies\user rights assignment" and enable settings called "deny logon locally" and add above group there
Also enable "deny logon through remote desktop \ terminal services" setting and add above group there
Also enable "deny access to this computer from network" and add above group there

Run Gpupdate /force on DC once

Now no matter user try to logon to any computer either locally \ remotely, they can't logon
However they will be able to access portals

Hi Mahesh,
what about domain log in ?
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This is for AD domain scenario only


Hello Mahesh,
Thank you so much for the solution, that is an absolute solution for my senario. One more question i have an OU structure as follows:-


If i apply the GPO on the top OU which is LabsAndComputers will that GPO automatically
apply to the child OUs (BlockA, BlockB, BlockC, BlockD, BlockE) ?

Waiting for your valuable advice.

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Yes, you are right

Once GPO applied to LabsAndComputers OU, it will apply to all sub OUs by default unless you block inheritance on any Sub OUs


Good solution