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On AIX 7.1 how to monitor disk IO per user

hairylots asked
Hello All

On AIX 7.1 how can I monitor disk IO per user or process?
I can use nmon and see disk usage is often at or near 100% for periods and reports run slow during that time.

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AIX by default does not record disk I/O per process.

However, there is a feature called "Workload Manager" which contains such a disk I/O monitoring.

All you have to do is enabling WLM with

smitty wlm > Start/Stop/Update WLM > Start Workload Manager

You don't have to do any configuration, WLM will use its defaults.
Just decide if you want to start it now, at next reboot or both, The latter two options will cause WLM to start with the system, so it will be always active.

Now you can run

ps -ef  -o ruser,pid,ppid,tdiskio,comm |sort  -k4,4n

The 4th column (TDISKIO) will contain the total accumulated blocks of disk I/O for each single process, sorted in ascending order.

Check "man ps" for other fields you might want to specify with the "-o" flag.

Reset the TDISKIO counters by simply stopping and restarting WLM.