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Exchange 2013 In-Place Hold - Best way to 'archive' ex-staff Mailboxes

Hi EE,

We've only recently upgraded from Exchange 2007 and have applied In-Place Hold to all mail in all mailboxes, indefinitely.

Traditionally, we have archived mailboxes to PST when staff leave the company. The PST gets stored on a file server and the user account and mailbox are deleted.

This gets a little confusing when In-Place Hold is applied - I can't find any documentation online that outlines if the 'Held' emails will be retrievable if we do a full mailbox export to PST (I've been using New-MailboxExportRequest).

From what I've read the In-Place Hold 'Held' mail will be cleared if I remove the Hold to then allow me to delete the mailbox.

Any suggestions on how to confirm the behavior and work around this? I've been thinking I might have to do two exports, one using the In-Place Hold PST Export feature and 1 Full Mailbox export for each user.

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks very much, some good points that we'd never considered there. I'll definitely propose the extra DB on cheap storage as the 'archive'. Really good advice thank you again. Much appreciated.
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you are welcome, and glad I was able to help