Speed up the protection of MS Excel sheets

I am protecting and unprotecting sheets in a MS Excel workbook with code. This works fine, But it is much too slow. How can I speed up the protection/unprotection of sheets in a MS Excel workbook?
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Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Are you using Excel 2013? They changed the algorithm for that version and it is a LOT slower than it used to be. If you can, try protecting the sheets once in the workbook_open event specifying the UserInterfaceOnly:=True parameter which will allow most code to run without needing to unprotect. Unfortunately it doesn't work in 100% of cases - generally to do with manipulating objects in the drawing layer, but also ListObjects - so you will have to test it with your code.
Frans_TruyensAuthor Commented:
I tried. I goes faster, but not fast enough. Indeed I am working with MS Excel 2013
Frans_TruyensAuthor Commented:
I tried to protect it with an empty password. This works much faster. There is no password, but it is still locked. I think my boss can live with that.
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