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iPhone PIN vs Password

pma111 asked
Is there any easy way when powering on an iPhone 45 to determine if its protected with a PIN or a Password?

Also - in terms of PIN vs Password - does it make any difference to the protection of the phone, i.e. does PIN not encrypt contents, and Password does encrypt contents? Or do both encrypt contents?
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Systems Administrator
If the iphone is using a simple passcode (pin), then it will show and numeric keypad. A complex passcode (password) will normally show an alphanumeric keyboard, unless the user has used only numbers.

From iOS 4 onwards encryption has been with the passcode and you can verify this on the passcode screen at the bottom where it says 'Data Protection is enabled'.


Thanks - so if just using a PIN, its not "encrypted" as such.
Muhammad MullaSystems Administrator

It can be encrypted even just using the PIN and I believe the default is to be encrypted.