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calling Cobol client to java application


Please help me, there is a Legacy application built on cobol, Is there is any connector which can
help us to connect cobol client application getting access to Java application...

I googled it, I saw J2ee connector ?  some of my friend inform me to go for J2ee connector, is this right approach to access java application... if any body has come across these kind of issues, Please let me know

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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

COBOL on what platform?
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Do you want to extend COBOL appliaction with fresh Java code or other way around?


COBOL on mainframe,

the cobol program must pass few parameters( amounts) to the java program, the java program will process those amounts and calculate taxes and return back the results to the cobol program.
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Can you compile curl or wget on your mainframe to talk HTTP?
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Disclaimer: I haven't worked on IBM mainframe for years, and I haven't done any Java development on zOS.

But on IBM i, one way to call Java from native programs is JNI, and both IBM i RPG and COBOL have JNI integration capabilities built-in.;  Looks like Enterprise COBOL on zOS does, too (includes sample code):

Chapter 16 of the Enterprise COBOL for z/OS Programming Guide SC23-8529-01 explains how to use JNI interface between COBOL and Java.


The IBM Redbooks site has extensive information on Java in the zOS environment, just go here and search for "Java":


- Gary