Move/Copy mailbox from AB user to XY user- Office 365

I need to copy or move the mailbox data from "AB" user to "XY" user account

I know i can use the following methods,  

Grant full permission to the AB mailbox

Simply rename the AB to XY and provision a new mailbox for AB

Use Search-Mailbox to copy and dump everything to the XY mailbox (This dumps everything to a single folder)

Export AB mailbox as PST and attach to the XY outlook

Is there another way to move to copy all data from the "AB" mailbox including server side rules, folder structure to "XY" mailbox
Rat ZuluAsked:
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Mai Ali (MVP)Senior Infrastructure ConsultantCommented:
For moving Mailbox from user to another, you can refer below link
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
If you are using dirsync, you can 'exploit' it to reconnect the mailbox to a different user. I've outlined the process here:

This is in no way supported by Microsoft, so use at your own risk :)

Another option is to use the New-MailboxRestoreRequest cmdlet, which allows you to 'merge' the folder structure. But in order to use the cmdlet, the source mailbox ("AB") needs to be in the soft-deleted state. It also allows you to copy associated content items, etc.
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