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VCenter server Crash

our v Center server Crashed and we have no backup any data in V center server (no SQL DB backup ) . can I install a new v center server and add existing  ESXI 5.5 host to new cluster.

or what is the prefigure for this type scenario
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if you have absolutely no backup, I would say yes, don't loose time, install another vCenter, add your ESXi servers in it and put some backup policy on your new vCenter.

Generally, with vCenter you don't loose a lot of critical things, but you loose :
- all past performance data
- all vCenter data (objects in inventory/DB, logs, etc..)
- saved configuration of template deployment
- host profile (I think)
- ...

But in general your vCenter is the entry point for your VMware backup software so beware that your VM are backuped.
Be sure your new vcenter is at a good version to manage your ESXi servers (ex : vCenter 5.5 can manage ESXi 5.1 hosts for example but vCenter 5.1 cannot manage ESXi 5.5).
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No issues just reinstall a new vCenter Server for windows or switch to the vcenter appliance highly recommended.


Thank you Very Much........