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Iphone problems with exchange 2013

We migrated all the exchange users from 2010 to 2013 last night. All phones work fine apart from iphones.

They take roughly 5 minutes to load the OWA web page. Phones that managed to keep the activesync connection still sync but slowly and new ones fail to verify.

All IOS devices are up to date.

Running exchange 2013 SP1, we have roughly 80 ipads which have no problem.
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Kash2nd Line Engineer

OWA ? Have you tried a different browser like FF or Chrome instead of Safari, if thats what you are using.

Out of curiousity, why are you using OWA, why not have an account configured in mail/contact/calendars of IOS


We have tried, they spin for about a minute then report "unable to verify" and never download any data.
Kash2nd Line Engineer

run >>> Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer online to see if it find any issues.

what about andriod devices ?


Android, ipads and windows phone 8 devices all connect fine, as does external OWA.

The connection is fine as all other devices work. Only iphones that are having this issue.

Firewall in front of domain handling incoming requests is a SonicWALL NSA2600
Hi CaptainGiblets,

      It sounds like there might be a Java issue with Safari. Why not get rid of the hassle of going to the website and download the free OWA app for iPhone: Link

You can also add the Exchange acct through Apple Mail, but your clients might be happier with the OWA app if they have worked with Microsoft products throughout their careers.

Hope this helps.



Activesync does the same
William FulksIT Services Analyst

Are the iPhones connected via WiFi inside your network? Try disconnecting and running them off their service (Verizon, AT&T, etc) using the same settings and see if that helps.
Cu7 fixed the issue.