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Syncing 2 ipads

Colin asked
Hi Experts

Both 2 ipads both running IOS 8.1.3 Both are logged into iCloud with the same credentials and are backing up without any problem. Both are also connected to and Exchange server and  mail calendar and reminders are syncing without a problem. I want to sync the apps photos and music. This is not happening.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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Hi Colin1000,

It sounds like your 80% finished with getting everything setup, so let's get that last 20 finished. Please head over to "Settings" / Scroll down to "Photos & Camera" / and toggle on "iCloud Photo Library" and "iCloud Photo Sharing" if you want want to share photo albums with other people. The only thing you have to be careful of is storage, which if you back out of "Photos & Camera" and scroll up to "iCloud" you can give yourself a bit more room to work with. Once inside go to "Storage" and tap on "Change Storage plan". If you plan on taking a lot of photos I would bump up your 200GB (which is the base model) to 500GB or 1TB. (Remember these are monthly plans)

That will take care of your photos and the storage but the music is a bit different. You will need iTunes Match:  Link
The price is $24.99 a year, which is better than the old price tag of $99. That said, besides the annual fee you will have to pay upfront, you need to perform a few steps to get all of your music in Apple's Cloud and synced across all of your devices. Please go to the link I provided above on either a PC or Mac, and click the "Frequently Asked Questions" section at the bottom. Once you click the FAQ you can scroll down to "How do I turn iTunes Match on?" After you sync your music you will be able to listen to all of your tunes from the cloud (as long as those devices use the same AppleID).

Last, to turn iTunes Match on with your iPads you will have to go back to "Settings" / Scroll down to "Music" and toggle on "iTunes Match". If your iPads have a SIM card, like your iPhone, you will be able to listen to your entire music library without having to be tethered to a wifi access point.

Side note: If you have a data plan, you will be able to toggle on iTunes Match with your iPhone just like you did with your iPads.

I've used iTunes Match since its inception and have loved every minute of it. Why? The reason is that I can carry around my entire music library without having take up any space on my iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Hope this helps.



Thanks very much.