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Citrix Fatal Error

Tarkisal asked
I am getting the following error when I try to open a Citrix client through a website in Internet error:

 c:\user\appdata\local\microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\IE\W6C46N37\launch.ica - Fatal error during installation.

 I have removed the Citrix plugin through add/remove and also using the Citrix removal tool. I have tried re-installing the plugin a number of times without any luck.
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did you tried by removing user profile on citrix server? if not give a try an check.
Citrix Receiver installs into the user profile if the user doesn't have admin permissions.  The way that it did that in version 12.x and 13.x/3.x was fairly ugly, especially for v13.4.  When you upgrade Citrix Receiver, especially if you then do it with admin permissions, it doesn't always work well.  That was supposedly fixed with v4.2.

First thing I would try would be to upgrade Citrix Receiver to v4.2.  It's very stable, and there's a fair chance it will fix this issue.

Unfortunately, the Citrix cleanup tool doesn't work all that well.  The only real way to clean this up is to open the registry on the local machine and do a find for "Citrix".  You'll need to delete all related entries and then reboot.  Then install the newest version of Citrix Receiver, and you should be fine.


Removing previous Citrix Receiver versions, then running the cleanup wizard, then manually going in and removing all Citrix instances and THEN installing version 4.2 finally got everything to work!