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Block traffic to port 14129 with allow for certain hosts?

Is there a way to block all traffic on port 14129 but allow for certain hostnames using Windows firewall? We run JSUnit on port 14129 and would like to prevent anyone but those hosts to allow to connect to it.

If not windows firewall- any other programs that can do this?

This is on Windows Server 2003 (latest patched)
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David Johnson, CDSimple Geek from the '70s
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you do realize that as of july 14th Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported.
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yes, you can do that.

> to block all traffic on port 14129

as W2K3 by default disables all incoming traffic once the built-in firewall is enabled. so basically nothing is needed to do for this requirement.

> but allow for certain hostnames

1. goto Windows Control Panel > Windows Firewall

2. check the Exceptions tab, click the Add Port... button, type "JSUnit" at the Name field, type "14129" at Port Number, choose TCP or UDP as required.

3. click the Change Scope... button, choose Custom List and input individual IP addresses you selected, delimited by comma.

4. click OK, OK and OK to quit from Windows Firewall settings.

be aware, you can't check the "don't allow exceptions" option at the General tab of Windows Firewall as it will disable what you just enabled above.

hope it helps,