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Video Editing

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I've got to do some Webcast Video capture and editing and need some help with recommendations.  I have been using wmv and mp4 formats to capture the sessions.  With wmv, I get around a 25mb file for 1 hour of taping while with a mp4 file, it comes to around 71 mb.  Here's where I need some help.  How do I determine what to capture the video in, in terms of formats and then if I want to convert it, to reduce size, what format should I use?  Also, I'm using MS Moviemaker which I think has limited functionality.  Can you recommend a better video editing system that's easy to use?

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Using MS Moviemaker or any other app, the size of the video file is determined by the format you choose when you save the video in the final step.

Select the format you want to use: Choose a name and navigate to where you want to save it. Then click Next. Now select Show More Choices ―> Other Settings.

Video for Broadband 512 kbps, 340 kbps,150 kbps, 150 kbps...

The lower the value of kbps (Kbytes per second), the more compressed the video will be.
I would recommend you capture at a reasonable size like a DVD 1024 x 764  then anything you reduce it to will be excellent quality when played in full screen.
mp4 is better quality and stays away from DRM with WMV.
I use the free divx converter to convert my video if I just want to reduce size of my divx avi or mp4.
Give it a try
Divx is a beautiful quality
Divx converter features
Download the Divx player with converter free
What's in it
As you can see there are many to choose from
Divx converter
Windows moviemaker output file size is determined by selecting an output device.
If you selected for email it would be really small
From the top left> file, you can choose from around 12 or more different devices. use the little scroll down arrow
Hold your mouse over each and it gives you the size output duration.
save movie for HD display settingssave movie for tablet settings
save movie for tablet settings


Thanks guys!

You're welcome :)