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adding our terminal server to allow users login

I have installed the RD licensing on our main domain server and all looks good. I’ve added in our 5 user CAL’s to the main server. We have a different server that we are using for terminal services and that is where I’m not sure how to add that in. Can you please help with this.
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Run then add roles wizard, choose the scenario based install instead of role based install, then complete the wizard. It will set up a majority of your server for you.

Once complete, open server manager, click on "remote desktop" on the pane. You'll get a nice getting started guide in the main pane and graphical representation of your current setup. You can click the graphic for the licensing server and follow the popups to add the existing licensing server you've set up.
Spike99On-Site IT Technician
During the setup of the TS role, you should be prompted to add the users or groups who should have access to log on to the TS.  I would just like to point out that you should set up an AD group for that purpose.  It's always easier to manage access using groups: you can just add users to that group or remove them as your needs change.

If you don't add the users or group during the initial setup, adding the TS role will add a local group on the TS called "Remote Desktop Users," so you can manually add any users or groups to that group later on.  By default, domain admins & local admins have rights to log on to the TS using an RDP connection.  Any non-admin users will have to be members of that group to be able to log on (or they have to be a member of a group that is a member of the RDUsers group).


So, is there a part of the install that runs on the domain server and then some other part that gets installed on the actual terminal server or is everything on the domain server? I'm just a bit confused


Hi there, here is where I am at with this;
I found a document about installing the minimum amount of roles and features. I was following the following document and stopped at Step 8
The one role that I did install additionally to this is the RD Connection Broker. I didn't bother doing the rest of the steps because it appeared to me that they didn't apply to my configuration.
All installed and I've licensed the server. By the way, this was all done on the domain server SVR1
When I log into the terminal server, SVR2, I can only connect up to 3 RD connections before it asks me to disconnect one of the other current connections. We have 5 licenses so I should be able to log in 5 RD user sessions.
I'm missing something in all of this


Ok, got my problem figured out so all is good