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Convert Excel 2010 workbook to PDF

contrain asked
In XL 2010 I have a workbook that has over 100 worksheets. I would like to convert the entire workbook to a PDF. I tried File, Save and Send, Create PDF/XPS Document, and in the Created PDF/XPS dialog box chose Options button, and then all worksheets. All pages are set to landscape. But what I'm getting is after 5 pages of conversion, the rest of the pages convert to portrait. I also tried opening Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise, File New PDF/From File, opened the XL file and the result was the first page converted to landscape and the rest to portrait.

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Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing Consultant
Awarded 2014
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Do you get the same from File - Save as, and change the "Save as type" to "PDF (.pdf)"?
Analyst Assistant
What orientation have you set for the worksheets?

Have you tried setting the first 5 to landscape, the rest to potrait and then creating the PDF.


Both of these Experts' answers combined to give me the solution. I first adjusted the orientation for the entire workbook sheets, and then the File Save As PDF worked just fine. Thanks,