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Are there mobile apps for Ipad Air 2 IOS similar to the Adobe PDF Pack that are free?

I have Adobe Reader, which is free to handle basic functions such as read PDF. If I want to do more like select a picture and edit/add comments to a PDF, but you need to subscribe ($9.99/mo.) to use the add-on feature.  Are their any other FREE apps out there that will allow me to do what i need that works like Adobe?
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Hi Joukiejouk,

    I personally use PDFPen Pro 2 : Link

 If you like the iPad app, and you have a Mac, I would recommend buying PDFPen or PDFPen Pro for your Mac. (I have PDFPen Pro for my Mac and like it more than Acrobat Pro.)

Hope this helps.

We made a decision to purchase the PDF pack subscription license.


We decided to purchase the PDF pack license for Adobe.