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Some Qs about Network engineer / technician rights, permissions in AD

nader alkahtani
nader alkahtani asked
I work as a network engineer / technician in Microsoft environment that switched and routed by Cisco.
All workstations in this network are controlled by AD.
My username  has a normal user rights in AD.
Password of local Administrator  unknown,  all that from   our enterprise policy,  so that my role is check connection with my laptop just. No related to any workstation.
Q1.should I get more permession,  rights
Q2.is that a common policy in  the world?
Thanks for all
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Every business is different and there is no one answer. I do not see any reason why you would need higher permissions/rights for anything that you mentioned. and yes it is common and I would say best practice to have the least required access privileges.
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U need to add your domain account in local administrators group of your laptop so that you would get full control on your workstation \ laptop

However to achieve this you need some other admin user to do that for you.
I agree with OriNetworks as to his comments in general and best practices.  However, if you're asking this question because there is some certain level of access that you think you need, that you don't have, then my suggestion would be to discuss this with your manager.  I'm sure that if you convince the IT management that there is a specific reason that you need a higher level of access to get your job done effectively and efficiently, then they will at least take it under consideration.
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I joined my laptop to workgroup so that I  have  administrator prevelegs  locally.
But I  ask how can I  do the following :
1.need to know is the connection slowness from server application or from Network?
2.if the user cannot log in  domain, then need to using ping from his workstation,  without any local user account,  how can I  do that?
,  thanks
1. You monitor performance of the network at the switch level. if the network is not slow, then it is the server.
2.Use your basic AD account to log on. Special rights are not required to log onto a workstation. Or simply ping the workstation from your laptop.

With a title like network engineer it seems your debugging tasks would be limited to network only.