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Is Windows server is recommend for doing software coding

This seems like a stupid question, but I need to know if I use windows server 2012 or any other windows server.
Will  that be recommend for software development work, mainly on Visual studio and sql server.

I am planning to use it on virtual box, so that my main machine does not get effected.
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I'd certainly test code on Windows Server...
That is, I'd develop the software on one box where I have my Visual Studio... and keep track of the development effort in source control (including the database), then check out modules, etc... and test them on a Windows Server.  (But I wouldn't want to be doing the testing as I went on a server which included the development environment.)

That said, I don't think there is anything precluding you from doing the software development work on Windows Server... I just wouldn't use that same server to test to make certain everything is 'good'.