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SharePoint 2013 - Health analyzer bar missing

ShareThePoint asked
I have a brand new install of the SharePoint 2013 and the health analyzer bar doesn't show up at all on the home of Central Admin. Any idea what happened and how to fix it? Thanks!
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is your user account member of the SharePoint farm admin group as well as local admin on all SharePoint farm member servers?
Can you open the Central Administration website, on the home page, click Monitoring.
On the Monitoring page, in the Health Analyzer section, click Review problems and solutions.

Does this open or are the links available?

Have you seen the bar before?
From where do you open the Central Admin? Client or locally on the server?
Thanks and HTH



I use the SP install account to access Central Admin so it has all the permissions. I can access the Health Analyzer using the link as you described below (2 warnings and 1 error). After installation there was only a green bar about the Yammer that you can close. I tried both from the client and the server. I haven't seen the bar in this installation but I have seen it on another test farm I recently build and I used the same process to build this farm.

I reinstalled the farm and that fixed the issue.


Because that helped solve it!