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Server2012 R2 Remote App Login Issues

We have a server farm with two terminal servers hosting remote apps.  Our users periodically have issues where they are prompted to log in anywhere from 2-5 times before they successfully get into the remote app.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

Steve Johnson
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Distinguished Expert 2018
If you tried to set up a "farm" using traditional 2008 era techniques, this will occur. 2012 is different on several fundamental levels. You need to make a collection, and then *always* go through the connection broker (RDWeb and remoteapp feeds makes this nearly trivial) to avoid any problems. If you are manually specifying settings via RDC and trying to connect to a farm via round-robin DNS or other load balancing techniques, you'll hit unnecessary redirects and cause additional authentication prompts.


Our setup is a you specified, with round-robin DNS.  Do you have advice on how this should be set-up or can you provide me a link?
Distinguished Expert 2018

No need or reason for round-robin DNS anymore. Connect to the RDCB, always. It'll manage balancing to the servers in the collection.