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Client/Server updating and monitoring

LockDown32 asked
I have several customers that have a server and anywhere from 10-30 workstations. I am looking for a was (as a IT firm) to do several things to their server and workstations:

1) Keep on top of Windows Updates, download and install then whether they are logged in or not

2) Do standard maintenance (disk cleanup, chkdsk)

3) Schedule reboots

4) Remote Access

5) Monitor overall health (virus software, updates, hardware, etc)

Is there one package that I could by to use on all my customer's networks? There was something out there called Koyerca or something. Any ideas?
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I do not know of one tool that manages disparate clients. That is my world as well.

At a basic level, you could look at Splunk for server monitoring and information gathering


At the workstation level, set Auto Update ON so that for users, updates will occur when they shut their machines off. Do the same thing for Servers (say Sunday night).

I do the Auto Update and we are looking at Splunk.
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Kaseya is the one I was think of. It does truly install updates even if the user isn't there and logged on. It does much more too. Just not sure how warm and fuzzy I am about it.
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@LockDown32  - Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.