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importing a big PST into office 365 - when do you know the phone is synced?

I'm working with a 6GB PST and importing that into office 365.  

there's a phone that will access this account.  Right now it's set up to sync via wifi - office 365 sending down all the contacts, calendar and emails would burn through too much data, right?

How do I know that this initial import of old things into the phone is done and I can allow this account to sync via cellular or wifi  and it will just get new contacts / calendar / mail ?
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On a PST import (once it is into Outlook and is now syncing back to Office 365) it should indicate in the Outlook blue Task Bar whether anything is currently updating. It will say "Updating <foldername>"
How about on a phone - droid or iphone using native mail app, not outlook? any idea?
On an iPhone, you can configure the "Mail Days to Sync" in the Mail Account properties.

On an Android, you can configure the "Period to sync Email" in the Account Options.
thanks.  I saw that setting.  But how do you really know it's all synced down to the phone?  lots of calendar / lots of contacts, lots of recent mail, etc.
I don;t think you will ever want to see all 6gb of their email synced down to the phone. That is by design.  But you could check for all the email messages in OWA (https://outlook.office365.com/owa)

You can always count your contacts, to confirm them.  As for the Calendar, it has a similar setting for how many days to show, so counting is not reasonable...

An easy way to test both Contacts and the Calendar is to make a test change in either using Outlook on a PC, and see  how fast the phone gets the update.  In my experience, it is almost immediate.

All of this is in conjunction with the previous answer above, watching the Folder Status in Outlook until Updating is complete.