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How do you know 2 different outlook installs have the same data?

I have a PST that's about 7 GB that I imported via an outlook 2010 machine into office 365.  And then connected  another machine running outlook 2013 to that office 365 account.

a casual check of number of contacts is the same number on both machines.

but is there a better way to compare the data on both machines to know that they are the same?  there's hundreds of mail folders - checking each would be tedious.\

Interesting is that right clicking on the account name in each outlook then data file properties then folder size gives dramatically different numbers 7.5GB on 1 machine and 2.3Gb on the other!

Calendar folder size is higher on the outlook 2013 (19MG)  than the 2010 (15MB) (and 2010 is the source of the data)
But some mail folders are smaller on the outlook 2013 than 2010 but the items in the folders appear the same.

does 2013 store data more efficiently than 2010 to have a 5GB smaller OST but still have all the same data?

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since they are pulling the data from the same location (o365 servers) the only difference may be the amount of data that is cached.Cache settings