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Mobile Device Management System Recommendation

I work for a small/medium MSP and we're looking for a good mobile device management system. Does anyone have experience with MDMs and could make a good recommendation? We're looking for the following features:

Active Directory Integration
App Installation Management (iOS and Android)
Asset Management for Multi-Devices
Complete Remote Wipe
Compliance Enforcement
Device Password Policy
Disable Camera
Granular Remote Wipe (Delete Co. Data Only)
Location Awareness
Multi-Tenancy (Manage more than one Group)
OTA Notifications
OTA Self Service Provision
Policy Enforcement
Remote Control
Watch Question

Systems Administrator
My org uses the AirWatch MDM product - it does work will all the main device operating systems out there, but I can only speak to use with iOS.  It is available as a hosted solution as well as on-site.

It supports all the features you mention.  A few notes, my personal experience with location awareness hasn't been great so far, but it is getting better.  Also, remote control is only recently available for iOS, and requires additional hardware; I haven't tried it myself.


Thanks for the response. Seems like not too many people are doing this yet. Not sure why though. We've messed around with Meraki, AirWatch, and the built-in MDM in Labtech. Our favorite so far has been Meraki, but with the recent ability to remote control an Apple device... may just need to look at AirWatch again.