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Unable to uninstall Itunes

vmagan asked
Hi guys,

I am trying to uninstall Itunes and I am getting this error message when I make the attempt.

Error getting file security
\\(our network drive)\user\application data\microsoft\internet explorer\quick launch\ GetLastError: 50

when I navigate to that location the internet explorer folder is not even there. Any idea why this folder might have disappeard.
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*** Hopeleonie ***IT Manager

Did you try this?

rename the user in the user directory to something else (ex, myname2). then log out and log back in as an administrator. do a regedt32 and browse to HKLM/software/microsoft/windows nt/currentversion/profilelist then find the profile that is for your account it will be one of the long ones, look at the profileimagepath variable. once you find it deleted that entire profile. reboot then log in as yourself and it will recreate your profile, then copy all your stuff back over from myname2 and you should be set.

Even though we are on a domain? Creating a new profile?

What I usually have to do is login as an admin remove itunes then I can reinstall as the user with no issues. IN a few weeks or so the issue reoccurs
*** Hopeleonie ***IT Manager

Even though we are on a domain? Creating a new profile?
Yes try that.
Computer Service Technician
Use the tool to remove the iTunes, found on this page. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3799043

Note when running this tool, right click on it an run as administrator, otherwise it will not work.