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Printing to Multiple Printers when Available

I've got a client that does fairly large print jobs.  They have two robust multifunction printer/copier/scanner/etc (same models) right next to one another.  I've been asked if it was possible to send a single print job that would go to which ever printer is available.  For example, they might have a very large print job going in printer 1, but printer 2 isn't printing anything.  They don't want their users leaving their offices to see which printer is available and then having to choose that printer.  They want to print to some sort of queue and when printer 1 is busy, it will just printer to printer #2.

Anyone know of something like this?

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You can accomplish this using Printer Pooling. See the below technet for steps to setup and configure this.



Interesting.  That looks like it will work for me.