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Replication SQL2008 latency

one week ago we changed our ISP, all our connections are working fine but we have a replication transactional where since we changed the ISP we experiment lactation like 20 seg, when before with the old ISP was like 2 seg, why is happened this if the Speed is a 100 Mbps dedicated and before was 8 Mbps?
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experiment lactation experience lag ???
you do realize that lactation is the secretion of milk by the mammary glands.


yes lag and sorry my bad English  not just US people use this site, Any Idea?

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The correct word is latency.  Perhaps I am being too obvious, but if the only thing that has changed is your ISP, then I would consider asking them what is going on.
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Apart from asking the ISP what can happened you can also check if the network boards in the server are configured for 100Mbps.