Replication SQL2008 latency

one week ago we changed our ISP, all our connections are working fine but we have a replication transactional where since we changed the ISP we experiment lactation like 20 seg, when before with the old ISP was like 2 seg, why is happened this if the Speed is a 100 Mbps dedicated and before was 8 Mbps?
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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Apart from asking the ISP what can happened you can also check if the network boards in the server are configured for 100Mbps.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
experiment lactation experience lag ???
you do realize that lactation is the secretion of milk by the mammary glands.
PLCITSAuthor Commented:
yes lag and sorry my bad English  not just US people use this site, Any Idea?

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
The correct word is latency.  Perhaps I am being too obvious, but if the only thing that has changed is your ISP, then I would consider asking them what is going on.
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