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Users cannot access website as themselves in IE but can in FF

Hi all this has become a real head scratcher for me. I have some users that are unable to access a particular website as themselves when in IE. If they are logged on, and I run IE as myself, they can access the site. If I log on, and run IE as them, they are not able to access the site. I have reset IE, cleaned temp files, reset registry and file permissions, no luck. So far the only fix has been to remove their windows profile, then build a new one. I did that for one user, it worked for a week or so, then the issue came back. The OS is windows 7 x64, on  domain environment.
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Is this only one website that they are unable to access? What about other websites?
Try running that site in Compatibility View mode in IE. Its the icon to the right of the URL bar that looks like a broken page.
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There are two sites so far. I have tried the compatibility view options, that did not work. One other site, the user can access, but a tool bar is missing. If I run IE as myself the tool bar is present.
what happens if you run IE as administrator?

what about resetting IE? Tools>>Internet options>>Advanced>>reset...>>reset
Thanks for the response, as mentioned in my initial post, I tried resetting IE which yielded no success. Yes running as myself/Administrator works.
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I solved it myself