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NIC Teaming: OS (Server 2012 R2) |  OR  |   vSphere |  OR Both?

In a virtual environment (in this case VMware vSphere), should you do your NIC Teaming at the OS layer (Server 2012 R2) OR just in vSphere, or BOTH?
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Do it in vSphere because this is at the host level and is more like fault tolerance.
The virtual machine OS won't see the physical NICs on the server.
Mr Tortu(r)eSystem Engineer
unless it is needed by your softwares, OS, or any reason you should have only one NIC in yuor VM.
Manage your teaming policy on the ESXi host on the vswitch level.

By default as far as I know, on ESXi each of your VM will use one physical NIC at the same time.
If needed you can make an agregat on your physical switch, change the default policy on your vSwitch, and then your VM can use multiple physical NIC at the same time.


Thank you guys!